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Lamoon means mellow

So mellow tones & textures are carefully crafted with love,  
perfect for your little ones.

Handcrafted bows

From fabric sourcing, designing, cutting, sewing, pressing, to finishing and packaging, all steps are crafted with love as the perfect gift for your little ones.

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Fabrics & prints

Customize your bows' finishes

Whether your little one's style is all about:
alligator clips, soft & stretchy nylon headbands,
bows that can be worn on both her left & right side
we've got you covered!

bow finishes

Our signature mini pinwheels

♡ Our design is a cross between classic schoolgirl bows with straight-cut tails & pinwheel bows with diagonally-cut tails

♡ Measurements of these bows are approximately 2" x 3" or 5cm x 8cm (±1)
Not too small, not too big ; this size is what we adore as they look cute and sweet for baby headbands, toddlers, and your little one's ponytails and pigtails.

Worldwide shipping : 6 USD/order

Free shipping for 55 USD orders and above

⋒ Our studio is based in Bangkok, Thailand

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mini pinwheels | pretty pastels

mini pinwheels | Jacquard cotton

mini pinwheels | floral prints

mini pinwheels | gingham

mini pinwheels | striped

mini pinwheels | polka dots

We're on Tiktok! Follow us @lamoonist.studio for behind the scenes content and all the fun stuff.

We're also on Instagram!

Brand reps, baby fashionistas, & reward bundles.

We are so excited to see where our creations end up at in this wide, wild, world.

Kindly tag us or hashtag us at #Lamoonistcreations on Instagram for a chance to win some discount codes or freebies! Don't forget to set the privacy to public so we can see how cute you & your littles one style these bows. If your picture is featured, I will personally reach out to you with exclusive discount codes and exclusive bows from our rewards collection.

We are also welcoming #brandreps. If your style matches ours, please let us know! We'll get in contact with you. For further details, kindly DM us on Instagram and we'll reach back to you ASAP.