Caring for your goodies

♡ Lamoonist bows and hairclips are handcrafted from a wide range of fabrics;

• Linen (blended linen, soft linen muslin)
• Cotton, (100% cotton, blended cotton, Oxford cotton, printed cotton, Jacquard cotton)
• Tulle
 Satin, duchess satin
• Italian silk & polyester
• Corduroy
• and more

These are hand-cut, sewn, pressed, and hot-glued onto alloy alligator/snapclips or soft & stretchy nylon headbands for an extra secure hold and to make sure that the bows hold into their sweet shape without becoming untied. 

♡ If necessary, they can be spot-cleaned using hand-soap or mild washing detergents and ambient temperature water. To keep your goodies pretty for a long time, please do not immerse the alloy clips into water, or machine wash, bleach, or tumble dry the bows.

♡ After spot-cleaning, you can pat dry them with a soft towel and place them on a flat surface (such as a handtowel or piece of cloth) to dry nicely with minimal creases.

♡ For goodies with alloy finishes such as alligator clips and snap clips, please take extra care to keep these parts dry during the spot cleaning process.

We wish you and your little ones enjoy our handcrafted goodies!

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Thank you once again for supporting our tiny business.

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