Our Story

In Thai, the word Lamoon is an adjective used to describe soft and mellow sensationstastes, colors, scents, soundsthe overall warm, fuzzy, pleasant feeling of something. So Lamoonist it was.

Hi, I'm Natchaya, the founder of Lamoonist.

Since I was young, I've always been mesmerized by textures, textiles, tones, and the "crafty" and "artsy" side of life. I always had this love for pairing pantones since I was a kid. It all started young. I would spend my time after school painting, coloring, making DIY projects, reading, and sewing. One very fond memory is how I would "borrow" my mom's kitchen rags (sorry, mom!) and start cutting crooked little squares out of the fabric. I would use whatever misfitted color of thread we had in the classic cookie tin that we all know doesn't have cookies inside to hand sew little outfits, T-shirts, and knapsacks for my toys and dolls.

I didn't know anything about sewing patterns, I just looked at my own clothes, turned them inside out, upside down, and tried to figure how how it was made before scaling it down to fit my dolls' sizes. In my mind, they were always going on a trip or a picnic somewhere, so I needed to make many outfits for their adventures.

I don't think it was long before my mom started noticing these square holes in her dishcloths, but she didn't scold me. 

Those first wobbly hand sewn seams sparked and flourished into what it is today.

I graduated university as an English major with a Bachelor of Arts. But the kind of art that sparks joy for me was something else.

Fresh from uni, I plunged into the workforce as a freelance Thai-English translator, copywriter, and tutor for a year or two, but something about that just didn't feel like the ultimate dream for me. I noticed how much my mind would wander off to the pile of "hobby stuff" at the corner of my room while I was still typing translations on Microsoft Word. I would tell myself to work hard, work fast, make zero errors, satisfy my clients from the first draft and promise the reward of uninterrupted sewing or crafting for an hour or two. My translation clients were always puzzled at how fast I would send them the finished files.

Little did they know why I was in such a hurry.

Every time that I hit the send button on my email, my heart would skip with joy and I would jump right into my car and zoom to my Lalaland; the numerous crafts market in Bangkok.

As I live in Thailand, many people would prefer staying indoors in air conditioned rooms to keep cool from the sweltering heat. Not for me. I love spending the hot summers outdoors, wandering into new corners and alleys, sweating (happily) in the bustling crafts and textile markets.

The problem was back then I still didn't know how to sew with a sewing machine. So I practiced. And practiced. And practiced. They say it takes you 10,000 hours to master something, but I didn't have that much time. It took me about 15 days of non-stop sewing from morning 'til night before I started to feel the confidence tingling in the tip of my fingers.

I always think it was my late grandma's invisible hands that guided me to learn how. When she was still here, she and my grandpa were tailors. I remember running around her classic Singer sewing machine at her house with my cousins as kids. So she might've passed this love for sewing on to me.

It is my absolute joy to bring you these goodies. Lamoonist goods are handcrafted with love and care in every process, from sourcing our materials, designing, sewing, packaging, to shipping.

We just love the idea that what we love doing is making someone's sweet little girl, somewhere, happy.

Thank you for stopping by and helping me make this dream journey a reality. It does mean the world to me.