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♡ Fabric type : pure cotton

♡ Measurements : approximately 2" x 3" or 5cm x 8cm (±1)*
Not too small, not too big ; this size is what we adore as they look cute and sweet for baby headbands, toddlers, and your little one's ponytails and pigtails.

*As our bows are 100% handmade—from fabric selection, cutting, production, pressing, bow-tying, to packing— their 
measurements, fabric patterns & prints that appear on each bow, along to the finished look may vary by nature.

♡ Design : mini pinwheel bow
Lamoonist's mini pinwheels are a cross between schoolgirl bows with straight-cut tails and pinwheel bows with diagonally-cut tails

♡ Quantity : You can choose whether you'd like...
1 bow (not shown in the display photo) - you may select either the left side clip or the right side clip option*, depending on which side you would like your child to wear the bow. 
2 bows (as shown in the display photo) - for orders of 2 bows (1 pair) we will automatically arrange 1 left side clip & 1 right side clip* for each side of your child's hair parting. If you would like a special order of 2 left side clips or 2 right side clips, please select that option.

♡ Finishes : Lamoonist offers 4 options for you.

1 • Interchangeable alligator clip - the clip will not be permanently glued onto the bow**, meaning that you can slip the alligator clip off the bow and replace the clip freely in whichever way (left or right) that your little one would like her hair to be styled and paired with her outfit that day. This option is recommended for slightly older children than babies and toddlers, as these clips are not glued to the bow; they may be pulled out from the bow and may pose as a choking hazard for young infants.

2 • Left side alligator clip - for the left side of your little one's hair; the alligator clip will be permanently glued onto the bow.

3 • Right side alligator clip - for the right side of your little one's hair; the alligator clip will be permanently glued onto the bow.

4 • Soft & stretchy nylon headband - we source the best brand with the highest quality of nylon headbands in Thailand to make these soft and stretchy headbands. Currently we have one color option available; these headbands come in a nude color. Recommended for very young infants (one size fits all!) with short peach fuzz hair that cannot be gripped with alligator clips yet. :) 

* A gentle reminder that "left side clip" means the clip is meant to be worn on the child's left, and vice versa.

**Another gentle reminder to please supervise small children while wearing any accessories, as they may contain small parts which may pose as a choking hazard. Please never leave your child unattended and be sure to remove all accessories during nap time.